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Peoples Choice Electric is one of the most electrified Licensed Texas Electrical Contractors in Houston.  We are currently licensed under the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations located in Austin, Texas.  We conduct all of our Electricians Houston Electrical Contractors Services under the Texas Electrical Contractors License number 28821 issued by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.  Any question regarding our Licensing status can be answered at (832) 216-5215. We are a small to medium sized Electricians Houston Electrical Contractors Services Installation & Repair Company.   Our company was built on three very simple principles that we ensure our technicians uphold and honor each and every time they step into a Peoples Choice Electric uniform.   Those principles are Loyalty, Quality, and definitely Integrity.  We are very devoted to our customers as we display extreme Loyalty to their Electrical needs providing pure customer satisfaction.  We extend nothing less than Quality Electrical Contractors Services Houston residents value. We are very consistent in our efforts to provide excellent customer satisfaction while staying true to our principles and values.  As we are and will always be obligated to the Electrical needs of our customers, our first and foremost obligation of business is to the Integrity of our Texas Electrical Contractors License and the satisfaction of our dear customers.  As one of the Top Electricians Houston Electrical Contractors Services Installation & Repair Company around, we completely assume any and all responsibility for every task we perform on each and every job-site.


Peoples Choice Electric was originally founded and established in the year 2010.  For almost one decade of outstanding Electrical Services in Houston, we have not only graced the lists of the Top Electricians Houston has grown to love and accept. We have also been spoken of by many customers as the Best Electricians Houston Electrical Contractors Services Company.  With almost a decade of experience servicing our loyal Texas customers, we have patiently stood the test of time as the preferred Electricians Houston Electrical Contractors Services Installation & Repair Company.  When Peoples Choice Electric was founded almost a decade ago, we had one general concept in mind.  That concept was, is and always will be “The People!”  The people have always been our direct motivation as we prepare our technicians to conduct our daily Electrical Services throughout the city of Houston.  Without the People of Houston and our entire Texas base, we would not and could not be ranked among the Top Electricians Houston Electrical Contractors Services Company residents rely on to handle all their residential electrical needs (no matter how large or small).

Peoples Choice Electric is currently located and operated out of Houston, Texas. Though we are located in Houston, we offer our Electricians Houston Electrical Contractors Services to each and every resident or business within the great state of Texas.  Peoples Choice Electric is licensed to conduct Electrical Contractors Services within the entire state of Texas.  Even though we have been addressed on multiple occasions as the Best Houston Electricians, we have also been considered by many Texas residents outside of Houston as one of Houston’s Elite Electricians.


Our Mission as the Top Electricians-Houston Electrical Contractors Services Company and Electrical Residential Insulation Resistance MEGGER TESTING Company, is to be able to positively reach out and touch the hearts and lives of all people everywhere while building perpetual electrical-client relationships throughout the city of Houston, all across the great state of Texas and beyond.  Though that may appear to be a very difficult task for most professional service providers, it is our duty and everlasting pleasure.  Every day we assure our technicians take the appropriate steps to ensure that our customers are confident in choosing Peoples Choice Electric as their preferred Electricians Houston Electrical Contractors Services Company.  We understand by obtaining a full detailed description of the Electrical issues while actively listening and engaging with our customers, we are able to truly understand therefore satisfying their Electrical needs.  This simple step, allows us to offer exceptional Houston Electrical Services that exceeds any other Houston Electrical Contractors in the entire city of Houston, Texas.  When we first introduced the idea of Peoples Choice Electric, we envisioned an expert Electricians-Houston Electrical Contractors Services Company that all citizens feel completely comfortable and confident with our technicians working in and about their private residents.  We also envisioned an Electricians Houston Electrical Contractors Services  Company that is fair, honest and true to our clients and all people involved in the service contractual agreement.   So far, we are extremely excited to say we have been living up to the expectations that was set in the foundation.  Our clients embrace us as the family that we are!

Peoples Choice Electric is among the Top HOUSTON ELECTRICIANS & ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS in HOUSTON that offers the Best ELECTRICAL SERVICES HOUSTON can depend on!

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